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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Institution

I recently was looking around my house at the chaos and realized that the Adams' household somewhat resembles an hospital for the insane.

1. There is a strange, unpleasant smell coming from certain rooms.

2. People rarely get out of their PJ's.

3. The common language is a babbling kind of nonsense, even from Mommy.

4. Everyone drools.

5. No one likes to be given a bath and when dragged toward the tub, there is incoherent yelling that often includes the words, "No, Mommy!"

6. When the doorbell rings, everyone jumps.

7. The food (when my mom isn't cooking) is sadly lacking in flavor and texture.

8. Outlets are covered and sharp objects are put in unreachable places.

9. Everyone looks, and might be, drugged.

10. Bodily functions are no longer private.

Well, I hope we get back to normal soon although I have a feeling we are going into a new state of normal. Two children, a crazy mother and grandma leaving... Whatever are we going to do around here?

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  1. house resembles that, too, and I don't have the excuse of a newborn.