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Monday, March 22, 2010

Diary of a Wicked Tired Mommy

10:54 - Last feeding before bed. Mommy is tired and Cate looks like she's nodding off. Abby already asleep.

10:56 - Mommy in bed. Cate decides to wake up and cry for no apparent reason. No prob. We will just rock for a few minutes and get sleepy again.

11:15 - Cate finally asleep again. Mommy needs to read for a few minutes to get sleepy again.

11:25 - Mommy falls asleep with a copy of The Maltese Falcon in her hand.

11:39 - Mommy is awoken by her baby making noises like she's hungry... again.

11:45 - Baby falls asleep while snacking. What do I look like? A 7/11?!

11:47 - Mommy back asleep.

12:30 - Baby wakes up and needs to be changed. Then she wants to eat... again. Catey! You are killing me!!! She falls asleep eating, needs to be burped and pukes all over Mommy. Daddy finally comes in and falls to sleep faster than a speeding bullet.

1:39 - Cate wakes up and needs a diaper change again. Mommy starts to feed her and realizes she needs to pee. Mommy gets distracted from the feeding by her full bladder and milk goes everywhere. Now Mommy is covered in puke and milk and her side of the bed is getting soggy.

1:47 - Cate is back asleep after yet another snack and Mommy can head out to the bathroom. In the two feet from her door to the bathroom door, Mommy hears a crying Abby. She is screaming something about poop. Mommy wearily gets the two year old out of her room, changes her diaper and puts her back in bed. Abby is now wailing. She wants to rock in the rocking chair. Mommy says there will be no rocking and that Abby needs to go to sleep. Abby cries out for Mommy to sing a song. Several songs later, Mommy insists that Abby go to sleep and leaves the room hoping to get to the bathroom.

2:10 - Mommy finally gets to the bathroom, and realizes this is the first time she's been there since 1 o'clock that afternoon. No wonder she feels like she's going to explode. She has 3 cups of decaf and a cup of regular, two glasses of orange juice, three brownies, and half a lasagna in there. No one tells you about the cravings when you are breast feeding.

2:39 - Cate wakes up and needs to be fed and changed... again. So the 7/11 wakes up and does her thing. Both Cate and Mommy fall asleep while feeding.

2:50 - Mommy jolts awake afraid she has rolled onto her sleeping child and killed her. No... Daddy has moved the baby and mommy is crushing a pillow.

3:52 - Cate wakes up and needs to be fed. Mommy feeds her and is on the verge of blessed sleep when she hears the sounds of poop coming. Checking Cate's face, indeed, she is showing her pooping face. Mommy wakes Daddy and tells him to burp and change the baby. Daddy looks bleary eyed, tries to burp the kid for 30 sec, and with no sound forthcoming, he gives up, lays her down and goes back to sleep. Mommy wakes Daddy up again and insists he try a little harder as Cate will just wake up and puke all over her if she doesn't get a proper burp out. Daddy tries again. Mommy doesn't know if he is successful as she falls asleep.

4:43 - Mommy is awakened by a hungry Cate. Mommy is to tired to take proper precautions and is once again soaked with milk. Cate falls asleep and Mommy tries to get a wink in even though she is dripping wet.

5:52 - More feeding, more puking, more dripping. We may need a new mattress after tonight.

6:55 - Daddy is up. Mommy is feeding the kid again.

8:30 - Daddy asks if Mommy needs help today. Mommy insists she is fine. Just bring me a giant cup of coffee and I'll be fine. Send in Abby but make sure she has the ipod with Milo and Otis. We may not survive the morning... Baths all around. Mommy gets up and discovers that Abby has peed out her sheets. Great...


  1. I have to say, you have no idea how much better this makes me feel! Our son is now 6 days old, and you have just made my morning (and my feelings about last night) so much better! We also need a mattress replacement. Maybe we should put our mattress on a nightly rotation. Keep up the blogging! Its great, :)

  2. 11 am - Cate totally takes out the master bedroom with a huge blowout. All bedding has to go to the was and she has to be bathed.

    12:20 pm - Plugged milk duct. Painful!!! Mommy is going to lay with the heating pad on her while Abby takes her nap.

  3. Sorry you had a rough one. Those are the days I feel like TV is sent from Heaven! If it gives me 30 min of uninterrupted rest....I LOVE IT!