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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blow by Blow #1

Willing to bet I will not be blogging through this whole thing but I am still not on the pitocen so... here goes.

Came in at 6. No one at the desk. Had to get some random guy off the elevator to let us in. Next, get into the room. Get set up. It's now around 7:30 and we have gone through 2 nurses. Next, nurse who was with me the last time is back. Love her. She says the same words she did last time... "I'm great at this." Meaning the IV. She missed... again. Poor lady. I did try to warn her.

Called in the IV team. First REALLY funny thing that happened, the IV specialist was a Ken doll. His teeth were one big mass of white and he looked like he worked out. Maybe 2% body fat. Hilarious. About to start pit... will update when I can. Check out my mom's blog for a more up to date time laps.

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