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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love You

I have been telling Abby I love her several times a day, every day since she has been alive. Andy tells her also. When Grandma comes (from either side), they say it also. Finally, when my mom got here, Abby was heading out to bed and Grandma called, "I love you, Abby." She responded with, "Love you, too." It was the sweetest thing. Grandma got to be the first one to hear it from her. (Unless Andy heard it sometime and I wasn't around. But she still hadn't told me she loved me, EVER. Ouch.

Last night, I was putting her to bed and she kept coming out of her room. I told her to go back in and she turned and said, "Ok. I love you, Mommy," all on her own! I almost cried. It ALMOST got her out of her bed time but no such luck. I did go back with her and snuggle her into her bed... for the third time.

It is the BEST to hear that from your kid. She is saying it this morning to Daddy as he goes off to work and I have a feeling that we are embarking on a new phase where she starts to understand what that means.

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