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Friday, March 19, 2010

A FewMore Pics

Here are a few pics that don't fit in any category that I am going to blog about right now but are sooo cute.

Here is Abby and Daddy at Biltmore. She got this sweatshirt that says Adams State College from Auntie Casey in the mail. She matches Daddy now.
I love it that Cate is such a snuggler. I get to hold her and she loves it! She also likes the swing so I have the best of both worlds!

It's so funny to see my baby smiling and know that it's just gas. Not real smiles yet but cute non-the-less.

First Dr. appointment after her new patient appointment. She has gained almost all her weight back and she has been pronounced perfect! Again...

There was a PA student there that did the check up. She was a sweety.

We headed to the petting zoo at Biltmore with Grandma the day before she left. Abby refused to get down and see the animals. I carried her through the whole thing.

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