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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Woke up this morning to the most beautiful sound, "Mommy?"

"Yes, I hear the fan!"

It's amazing how when you start to feel like you need stuff (like a finer Christmas, or new dishes, or just a bigger paycheck in general), God plucks away something like the electricity and suddenly, you are satisfied with flushing your toilet.

What is it that we really need? Our bills are paid, we are clothed, fed and have a beautiful daughter, and somehow, the cords that attach to our gadgets are taking over the house. We financially struggle sometimes right before payday but we are not "needy." How many people are going without something like heat this Christmas? How many people will not be having a single present under the tree? Who is it that you can help? What can you do without this Christmas so you can do something for someone who is needy?

Every year, at my parents house, we got out the stockings and there was always one for each of us and then one for "the other guy." This stocking was for that person or persons who either was alone on Christmas (which happens ALOT) or needed something. We always took food down to the shelter and my Dad always does nice stuff for people year around. I hope that I can be an example of this Christmas spirit to my daughter and not get caught up in the hype.

But getting caught up in the hype is suddenly so easy to do with a kid! In my mind, that kid HAS to have Christmas. Abby won't even remember this Christmas but it is suddenly essential to have a Christmas dress ($50), a tree ($35), decorations ($25), presents ($150), wrapping and bows ($10), and your picture taken with Santa at the mall ($25)! $300 later and I am thinking about the person that doesn't have oil in their heating tank and wondering if we could have gone without so they could have what I take for granted every day, a thermostat that magically makes things warmer in my house... priceless.

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  1. wow Callie...I was just thinking about that yesturday as I drove around looking at lights. I was thinking about how we read the Other Wiseman every year and how he gave everything that he had to those in need and how we just seem to give gifts and get caught up and .... well exactly what you wrote. I hope I can be more like dad when he just gives of himself without a second thought.