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Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday and Baby Butts

My birthday was fabulous. I got up, went to gymnastics with Abby, came home, cleaned, taught class, got some fabulous pictures from my husband as a romantic gift, made myself a birthday lasagna, put Abby to bed and now I'm sitting here dreading putting together the worksheet for my students. I just want a break. I know that's not going to happen right now but we are going to celebrate at the Christmas break. I think. I'm not sure what we are going to do.

OK, on to the poop. Abby has been telling me when she feels like she's going to poop. She really wants to poop in the potty so I tried tonight to accommodate. I got her pants and diaper off and put her on the potty. Nothing. She got on and off and on and off. Then I heard it: the telltale fart that indicates the beginning of movement. I grabbed her to put her back on the potty. There was poop everywhere but the potty. She was so pleased with herself. I spent 10 minutes putting the poop in the potty and cleaning up the residue while she sat happily on the potty doing absolutely nothing. So why don't training potties come with the straps? Whatever.

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