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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cleaning Up Your Act

Was watching one of those entertainment news shows and saw Mark Wahlberg say something interesting. When asked about his Bob Marley tattoo, he responded that he was having all his tattoos removed. He said that he had kids now and didn't want them getting tattoos. Really? Marky Mark is changing his lifestyle because he has children? He's cleaning up his act. If you are single and somewhat unscathed by the world, take note: If Marky Mark, the man that made all other bad rockers lives possible, is cleaning up his act after having children to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars of tattoo removals and most likely other major cover-ups, you can still avoid it. Remember, someday, you are going to have to explain why you were on youtube doing whatever it is you were doing (Hello, Jon Gosslin). Remember that you are not invincible and stuff doesn't always get erased or forgotten. Even if the flashbacks are only in your own mind, you are going to have stuff in the past. I know it's hard to think ahead but I bet when Mark W. is sitting under a laser that is burning his Bob Marley portrait off his shoulder, he's wishing he had.

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