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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Potty Training (cont.)

I have decided that Pull Ups are evil. We are trying to potty train Abby and any time she has anything resembling a diaper on, she just pees in it. She get's upset about poop but pee... nothing. She doesn't even notice unless she is naked and it's going to go on the floor. Therefore, we are going into what I am going to call intense potty training.

We are leaving her naked unless people are coming over or we are going out. Then she gets a regular diaper and we are "taking a break." Other than that, because it is break (and particularly, the side that we have no responsiblities for) we are just leaving her diaperless. She may have a shirt on but that can also get tricky. Then, one parent has to sit close to the potty training potty and call her over every time she starts displaying signs of needing to do something. She is getting the idea that she needs to sit if she feels "the feeling." I think we are getting somewhere and hopefully, by 2010, we will have a mostly potty trained kid. Not a big deal if she doesn't. We are giving her chocolate (M&M's) if she does something in the potty as well as praising her like crazy. I think she really likes this whole deal because there is a parent playing with her (watching her like a hawk to protect the carpet) all the time... literally. We are giving her tons of liquids and trying to keep her fed more than normal to keep the pipes moving. We'll see how it works out. I'm hoping to use some of her Christmas money for new panties for the new year. We'll see how that works out as well.

If anyone has more suggestions, we are open to them. I will say that Pull Ups are definitely out! We will not use them until we are DONE figuring out what it feels like to pee and poop and all that. Hopefully, we will just get into the underwear thing and leave Pull Ups for night time use only for a while.


  1. this is kim batista, your fam pic is beautiful! i think the conclusion you came to at the end is the best :) that is always what i ended up doing with my 3 girls, because it was the only thing that made the most impression on them and therefore worked. pull ups are just another way companies get parents to lose a ton of money (they're expensive!), and they slow down the potty process, anyway. kids need to learn what it's actually going to feel like if they "go" right where they are :)

  2. Well, 6 hours, two M&M's, two floor clean-ups, and several towels in the wash later, I'm putting her in a diaper for the night. I need a break but all in all, I think she's getting it. When she's not in her diaper and she starts to pee somewhere that she knows is a bad idea, she yells out that she's broken! So funny! Anyway, we are doing good and will pick back up tomorrow. More updates to come.

  3. Update: It is almost 11 in the morning. No accidents. Only peeing IN the potty and the accompanying M&M. Getting tired I think as she is laying her head down on her vtech laptop and breathing like she needs sleep. We are going to wear a pull up for nap and then back at it this afternoon.