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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Amazing Appearing Shower Head!!!

Whenever my parents are here, they tend to "fix up" our house a bit with a few gifts. They bought us a new table cloth (for my birthday). One time, Dad fixed our freezer and this time a chair and the stroller. You know, having them come is always awesome and feels a bit like some fixer upper show.

After they left this time, Abby was playing with a box and I saw that it was an unopened shower head. For a week, it just hung around and I finally got around to calling my dad to see if it was one of the things he had picked up at Home Depot. He didn't remember buying anything like that but you know... maybe. Josh was here too and I wondered if he had bought it and left it. He didn't remember either. We figured someone had purchased it and forgotten. We needed a new one and had been talking about getting one and just hadn't for lack of time. So, we put it up and started enjoying evenly dispersed water in our shower again.

A week later, I was collecting stuff that Josh (the toddler who plays with Abby two mornings a week) had left around the house as he was going to be gone for the break and might want all his things. His mom came in and we took a quick inventory and she said, "You didn't happen to come across a shower head did you?"

Oh, man. Should I tell her that it is in my shower?! LOL! I totally did. We got a real kick out of the amazing appearing shower head that she had been trying to find for two weeks! She "gifted" me the shower head for my birthday and we left it at that. I mean, returning a used shower head is kinda like returning underwear or something... am I right people?

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