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Friday, December 11, 2009

Back to the OBGYN

Went to the OBGYN today to have a glucose test. I had to drink this awful sugar water and then they drew blood. Abby wanted to get her blood drawn also. I could just see that... I would have really fainted. I have trouble with needles as it is.

I don't have another appointment until January. I'm really ready for all this stuff to be over. I just want to have the baby and be done with the pregnancy. I being a mommy.

Abby has been wanting to rock in the rocking chair more and more. I can't believe it because she was never a snugly kid. She just wanted to play all the time. Now she will point and say, "Rock? Sit, Mommy? Rock?" She get's her blanket and her milk and we rock. It's so great!

You know how your baby, when they start talking, says words wrong and you love it? In fact, Andy and I say the words like her sometimes just to be funny. It's so cute. Abby goes to nackies (gymnastics). She eats cackers (crackers) and she says pees (please) and da du (thank you). I love it. I do say the words correctly around her because I want her to learn proper pronunciation but it's hard because I think her baby talk is so cute. My mom still talks about certain words that we always mispronounced that she loved to hear. I guess that's part of your little one growing up.

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