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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Amazing Abby

Several developments after the Christmas madness of snow and ice and no power. Abby has discovered the joys of measuring tapes and letting them roll up and snap. Makes her laugh like crazy. Especially if the dog (who is to cold and to much of a wimp to be downstairs, so we have graciously allowed him to be in the entryway for some hours in the day) is near her and she can pull out the tape until it falls over on him. He jumps up with a start and runs off his "spot" and is promptly yelled at by both Andy and I. Poor guy, can't win and Abby is laughing all the way to the bank with that little nugget of humor.

She seems to get the idea of temperature, sometimes. She has no idea why her fingers and toes get cold but she claims that anything with steam coming off of it is hot and gets scared about bathwater and she knows that may be hot as well. Baths must now be accompanied by bubbles to be truly acceptable. The Christmas bubbles we got her are incredibly low quality and I have decided that buying pink Dawn and refilling it will be far superior.

During the long and tedious hours of potty training, were I insist that we are near the potty and the TV is generally not on because it is to difficult to stay focused on our naked baby who may or may not soil the carpet if we aren't watching her every waking hour, I have taken to giving her a book and taking a book myself. I will read a few sentences and then ask her what hers says. She now reads books to herself in an incoherent language all of her own making and seems to love it. When the book is finished, she pronounces it "all done" and moves on to the next one. Thank you, Kevin and Karen for her birthday present of a million and one Potter books that have provided endless entertainment and a real definition of the word Froggie.

It is also apparent that she knows about our routine more than we thought. After getting it together in the morning (which is much more fun now that she has her own hairdryer and brush and makeup stuff) she asks if we are going to shakers nakies (gymnastics which is always kicked off with shakers and a song) and when I tell her that we are on break for classes right now, she asks if we are going to Sabi-go-home (Sabbath School), which is her other favorite activity. I'm not sure how she will do when Andy and I have to go back to work and the regular routine starts again. She has been so spoiled for the last two weeks having both Mommy and Daddy around all the time.

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