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Friday, November 5, 2010


I haven't been around much because I'm totally caught up in cooking and watching 24.

Most people were like, "What? Is Jack's wife really dead?! We have to wait 4 months to figure that out?"

I'm like, "Season finale. Hmmm...." *4 seconds (not months) later* "Hmm... season premier!" Awesome. I love Netflix. And can I just say that Jack Bauer is the John McClane of television. I figured we've watched enough Die Hard during previous winters. 24 is the new Die Hard.

The cooking has been fun. I got down the bean pot to make Boston Baked Beans for my husband and his brother and then, BAM! I was making beans left and right. It's been awesome. For those who are vegan, it's the best! My Spicy Black Beans were really fun and I'm moving on to some lentil dishes hopefully with some curry. Everyone should get a bean pot and a dutch oven. I love the winter for hot stews and soups. Including this beef stew from Better Homes and Gardens magazine they sent me in the mail. AWESOME!

So, this is going to be my winter: watching 24, eating my beef stew, and playing with my babies.

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