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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crying It Out

Every night since Cate was born, we have allowed her to, at some point (usually the whole night) sleep in our bed. Mostly because I'm nursing and I am to lazy to get up and nurse her in her room and then put her back in her own bed. Besides, when I have done that, she just wakes up and screams. Last night, I finally let her cry herself to sleep, knowing that she was dry, fed and not hurting. She cried for 2 hours. It was torture. Finally, she dropped at 11 pm.... and didn't wake up all night. As I write this, she is still sleeping and it's 8 am. I have checked to make sure she is still breathing several times. She's doing fine. No fever, no nothing. Maybe she needed space just as much as we did. Of course, now that I have gone 9 hours without nursing, I'm about to explode. Off to pump. See you all in another post.

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