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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow, Thanksgiving, and a Little Relaxation

Andy's classes are over for the week. We are officially on vacation for a few days. We are heading to some friends house for the actual holiday.

Boy howdy, do we look good out there?
Montana Big Sky dumped almost a foot of snow on us so Abby and I went out to build snow men in the middle of the day. I don't have any snow gear anymore so I wore Andy's. Bulky but warm. I realized when we were out there how much Abby is like me. She wanted to be pretty, then she wanted to be warm, then she screamed bloody murder that she just wanted to go inside and watch. I hate the cold. However, it was really fun to get out and have a little fresh air and some fun in the snow. Abby... I'm not sure when she will take to the snow but I hope it's soon. Maybe tomorrow because we are going to head out to sled. FUN!

Thanksgiving should be good. I have this overwhelming urge to cook like a crazy person and compete with everyone else who is bringing food but this year, I have decided to give it a rest and just take a tossed salad (thus accomodating those who are on Weight Watchers and those who should be...)

With the snow comes more opportunity to spy on my neighbors. Across the street from me (in the house right behind me in the picture) lives a teenager with his guardian (could be a mom or grandmother... not sure). He was out shoveling snow today. I must be getting old because I totally don't get the styles today. He had on skinny jeans that were sagging down to his knee caps, untied high top shoes, a tightish black graphic t, and over it but not zipped up, an over-sized winter coat. REALLY? How can you even move in that? Why would you leave your shoes untied in a foot of snow and how much are we sacrificing for style here? Yes, I remember when I was that age and I would go out into the Colorado cold in my layered slouch socks, stirrup pants, and canvas shoes. I wanted to look like Paula Abdul. Who didn't?

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