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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you KNOW?

When there are things that happen, and you have no control, how do you KNOW that God is in control and it's all going to be ok?

Seriously, I'm putting it out there. I want answers. I have no clever antidote. I don't have a witty comment or saying. I just want answers.

And to put off a little of the seriousness of this post, here are some pictures of my baby. She is going to be just like me! Starbucks addict...

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  1. That's what faith is, believing the Bible is true. If you've ever experienced God working in your life at all, those experiences are to build that faith. God Bless Callie, I know for me it's hard to have faith sometimes, but that is a gift from God as well. I've been praying for more faith, especially lately with the baby on the way, I have to trust that everything is in His hands. Although, I don't think it's always going to be all okay in the end, we still live in a sinful world and when it is finally okay is when we have implicit faith despite the bad things happening. And in "The END" it will be okay if we are faithful.