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Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's A Date

I always hate buying airline tickets. It's so set. You can't change your mind. (Which annoys me because they can change their minds anytime they dang well please.) Today I bought tickets for my husband, me and my girls to fly to Colorado for the Christmas holidays. There is a big hullabaloo about when we all are going because we are leaving early to give time for Andy to study for tests, take tests and then come get us. It's going to be crazy. Several things I don't like about this whole senario:

1. There are apparently naked body scanners at DIA which causes me to rethink ever stepping foot in any airport again. You can refuse the body scan and have a pat down. So basically either you get your picture taken naked or you let someone feel you up. TSA seems to be getting a little... racy?

2. If even one person has an issue, those who are getting us to the airport, those who are flying... ANYTHING! We are out our money and our trip. If you have kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You have to be a super parent to get two toddlers on the plane with clean clothes and diapers. Thank goodness I have the bob!

3. Lay overs. Either you have to much time and you are trying to entertain your kids in an airport (even if you are alone you end up spending more money than you ever dreamed in ridiculously priced restaurants and book stores), or you have no time at all and you are racing to the terminal with one kid hanging off the stroller and the other screaming that they have to go potty! And isn't it interesting that no one (even me) has to go to the bathroom until they are calling for boarding to begin. Then try maneuvering a double stroller, two kids and your carry-ons into the airport bathrooms.

4. Our names. Yes, we thought we were so clever to have a John and an Abigail Adams. Not so when it comes to TSA. They think we are faking it and require us to submit to searches and extra security measures EVERY TIME! We could get through security faster with a bomb strapped to our "inner thigh."

5. Cinnabon. 'Nuff said.

Just pray that no one is sick this time. If there is even one sniffle, I will call the whole thing off. SERIOUSLY! I will not travel with sick kids and I will not kill myself over a holiday that should be taking place in March anyway...

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