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Friday, November 19, 2010

5 Things I Love TODAY!

I realize that I have been a bit of a downer lately. Being cooped up in the house and not really wanting to leave but wanting everyone else to leave so I can just do what I want without interruption has made me into a bad person. I have been complaining and wishing my life was different but last night, my wonderful husband allowed me to take 2 Tylenol PM and head to bed at 9:30 where I got 11 hours of sleep and I woke up a different person. Drugs and sleep always make me all lovey dovey so here's what I love today:

1. Boogie Wipes. These things are fabulous. They dissolve snot into a very soft wipe. After several days of normal low-budget tissue, our noses were about to fall off. Cate's was the worst. Very red and cracking. So we sucked it up and spent the money on Boogie Wipes. No more dry cracked noses. More expensive, yes. Worth it, DEFINITELY!

2. Starbucks. Yes, I need coffee to live - even after many hours of sleep. But today, I'm going to get decaf this afternoon just to make me happy because of this promotion.

3. Heat. No, there is no link for this. It's just getting cold here and it's going to get even colder and I like being able to turn up the thermostat or toss a log on the fire and be all cozy warm. Let's not forget the nice hot baths I can take with these bath salts that Andy knows I love and that make me all calm and ready to face the world.

4. The fact that it's almost the weekend and we are staying home and hunkering down and getting well and getting our house back to normal. HELLO SABBATH! You are right around the corner and exactly what we need.

5. Chicken soup.

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