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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yup... I wanna talk about it NOW!

I never watched 24 or Bones or any of the other shows that everyone was like, "That's such a good show." We always forgot what night it was on and our DVR was full of stuff already.

So, now I don't have cable. I have Netflix online. I'm watching every season straight through without having to wait unless its because I'm changing a diaper or something like that.

Not really, I take long breaks because I don't want my kids seeing mangled skeletons and stuff.

Anyway, I have to say, I never need to have cable again. If a show is good, I will hear about it and I'm totally happy to rent whole seasons at a time on Netflix.

Goodbye, expensive cable bill. Goodbye, DVR priority list. Hello, instant gratification.


  1. You must, must, MUST watch every episode of Bones ever made! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

  2. Yes I do the same thing. Jimmy and I don't have "TV" but we have Netflix and we DO watch entire seasons of interesting shows in just a few sittings. I love it because I can watch my shows after Emery is sleeping and it doesn't matter when it comes on TV. It comes on MY TV when I want it. But I have the same problem as you... I get involved in all the popular shows two or three seasons late, then everyone is done talking about them except me! :)