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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Sponge

Today I am perfecting the doughnuts again which calls for alot of flour and craziness in a very small kitchen. Abby wanted to help so when I got done with the delicate task of setting them aside to rise, I gave Abby a sponge and let her go to town on helping me clean up the kitchen. She has successfully gotten flour, dirty water paste all over my kitchen and is now getting it all over the entertainment center... excuse me while I go deal with that.

Ok, she now has a new sponge that doesn't stink and she is deciding that it's no where near as fun as the other one that looked EXACTLY the same. Why is it that kids discard whatever you give them that is ok to play with for that which will make your house a smelly grunge pit of germy disgustingness?

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