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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Diet Plan

I am a mom. My diet plan is my babies. I will sit down with my food and Abby will run up to me. "A bite! A bite!" She want's food even though I fed her first and she said she was done. But NO! Now she want's to pull what Andy and I affectionately call Helen-Kellering. This is where she eats off of everyone's plate that has food. No longer the cute little habit that started out when she started walking... now... just annoying. So she's eating my food. Then there is a cry from the corner and Cate needs to eat. So I put down my food to be pillaged by my two year old and possibly the dog while I feed Cate. I come back to way less than I left and that, my friends, is how mom's diet.

I have been walking and that is great but I felt the need to tone up so my mom sent me Jillian Michael's workout video. I'm doing it and Abby has been "dancing" with me. Her best part is the cool down. First day, I asked her if she could reach her toes and of course she could but she saw that I was not touching mine. She walked over and totally pushed me down to my toes. What was this?! She was totally chanelling Jillian! Then, today (3rd day) I asked her again and she saw that I was totally touching my toes duyring the stretching. Yes, she checked on me! Who is this kid? She goes, "Good job, Mommy!" LOL! My two year old is training me. I feel totally bad if I don't do the work out because she just loves it! She gets to tell me what to do!

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