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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lost in Translation

I remember when there was an event that had many Spanish speaking only people in attendance. My father had sent my sister and I down to Costa Rica for some schooling and to learn the language. Since he paid for the education, he got first dibs on the translation services and we spent most of the event translating for him over our own conversations. I even taught a guy how to play golf by translating Dad's instructions... very interesting since my Spanish was terrible and I did a lot of guessing.

We are in that stage (about 2 and some months) where Abby is talking in what may be full sentences. I say "may be" because there are a lot of unintelligible filler words that make it somewhat difficult to decipher what she is saying if you are not her mother. I'm already getting looks from people. You know, Abby will say something to them and they will look at me with that inquisitive look that says, "Translation, please."  She also still talks in third person so every sentence starts with "Abby."

Interesting thing, just because you can translate your own kids language does not mean you will understand other kids in that same stage. This language they develop is individual and the translation ability comes from hearing them develop it and knowing your own kids sound substitutions.

Abby has taken to saying, "Baby Doll drink-a-da meowk a-da-button." This means, "My baby doll is drinking milk out of my belly button." This is how she "breast-feeds" her dolls now. LOL!

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  1. Espero que tu español sea bueno, and you're right every mom can translate her own kid's language. I can understand my kid but I'm pretty sure I will not uderstand yours.