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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sick Day

Last night I woke up to a knocking on Abby's door. We leave it open but we had the exhaust fan on and it was holding her door shut and holding her hostage. She wanted out. I waited for a few minutes to see if Andy, who had decided it was to hot in our room and was sleeping on the couch, would hear her and deal with it. Nope. So I stood up. MISTAKE! Suddenly nausea washed over me and I knew that my ultimate horror was going to happen. I can count on one hand how many times I have thrown up since I have been in high school and one of them was a hangover that cured me from drinking EVER again. I don't throw up. But I knew it was coming. I let Abby out of her room and sat on the couch to cry about my fate. I woke up Andy and told him he needed to deal with at least one kid while I was sick. He took her and I went back to Cate. I can't throw up. I can't let myself be sick. I'm a mom and it's a big weekend at the school and there is no one left here to fill in for us. We just have to suck it up and do what we have to do even if we leave a trail of puke. That's the problem with the economy and the fact that there is little support for Christian Education. We have limited our staff so much that they don't even have time to be sick. It's sad really. Today, I didn't leave the house. Andy did my supervision for a while and then Tim took some and that was it for me but Andy is going to have to leave me soon... again. I'm going to be taking care of a toddler and an infant and there is nothing to be done about it.

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