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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breaking the Rules

Last night, Abby was running to watch Clifford and have her hair put in curlers when she took a tumble. That is pretty typical so I didn't react but then she really started crying and I went over to comfort her and then I saw the blood. It was everywhere. She had hit her mouth on the coffee table and split her lip open on the inside. She bled FOREVER and I almost cried myself. We got her cleaned up but I couldn't stop thinking about her injury. I just naturally worry like any parent. I thought about taking her to the emergency room because she might need stitches but we held off.

Today was Freshman church service and my pediatric dentist was in the congregation watching his daughter lead in worship. He usually goes to a different church. Now my rule is to never have an appointment with a professional outside of their office if I can help it. If I'm really desperate, I will call them at home and ask a question then make the appointment for office hours. I have been sitting next to an ophthalmologist when someone blocked him into the pew and said with upturned head, "Is this normal?" as they practically popped their eye out of the socket. I sat and watched when my friend, a radiologist, was bombarded in a restaurant by a colleague who wanted his toe looked at. "Should I have this x-rayed?" Therefore, I try and stay in the office with my appointments.

Today I broke the rule. I stopped the dentist in the parking lot and asked him to look at Abby's gums. They were still black and blue this morning and she was poking at them. He said she was fine and was VERY gracious. I guess when it comes to your children looking like they are from some European, socialist dental plan country or talking to the dentist in the church parking lot, you choose to throw the rules out the window. Thank you, Dr. Campbell.

We did do the curlers and she slept on them nicely. Here's how her hair turned out!

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