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Sunday, January 17, 2010

No more travel for Mommy

I remember my sister saying that her son missed his daddy and Sebbie was only 2 years old. I thought, "Woman, you are crazy. He doesn't know."

This of course was because everything revolves around me and since Abby didn't know much at that time (she was only 4 months old) then neither did Sebbie. I was wrong. Casey, I'm sorry. I was wrong. They know.

Abby was missing her Daddy the other day and she's not even 2 yet. She asks where he is. She knows his footsteps as he comes up the stairs and opens the door. She knows that he is the one that plays and I'm the one that feeds and changes and then lays on the couch like a beached whale. She knows the difference. It is hard when he is gone. Therefore, when he had to go on a tour, we decided to go with him as he has been gone at work so much that Abby was getting very tired of him leaving and would cry when he walked out the door in the morning. So, I packed her up as well I could for a bus ride and we were off. She did alright on the way there. We stayed with a lovely lady who almost killed us several times while driving us to her house. We went to a wonderful church and had Sabbath School and church (two services) and then with a very tired and grouchy Abby, we set off back to the lady's house for a nap. Abby cat napped in the car (even with the erratic driving) and was not going down for another even after 2 hours of fighting about it. Of course, on our way to the performance, she zonked out in the car again.

The performance was great - until a kid fell off a pyramid on her side and thwacked her head and even though she wasn't hurt badly, we HAD to call 911 and she was hauled off on a stretcher and checked out at the hospital along with a kid who landed a tumbling pass wrong and sprained his ankle. We packed up the equipment and headed out for late night Taco Bell where we waited for 2 hours for the emergency room kids to meet us and then headed home. We arrived around 2 in the morning. Now, all this is normal. (Acro, what Andy teaches, is very like cheerleading which is the sport that leads in injuries above ALL OTHERS, even football.) Emergency room visits, late night bus rides and craziness from teenagers is totally how it is on tours. I have to say that our kids are very easy to deal with. But! Regardless of all that, I'm not in a position to be doing all of this.

There are women that backpack, camp, travel and are generally out there during pregnancy and hauling along a brood off kids but that NOT ME! I'm just high maintenance. I need to be at my own house, with my own stuff and ride in my own car. I need to know my schedule and be able to plan. Well, I guess I'm done with travel until I have this baby and that's ok. It's only 1 1/2 months away. 33 weeks today, people. Next week I will be out of the real danger zone for delivering early and I will be able to go at any time without any real complications. Yay!

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  1. Jordan is like that here. He knows when Uncle Nate gets home and he is always asking where he's at. When Nate is home Jordan is constantly at his side no matter what Nate is doing. Jordan just turned 2 in Dec.