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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mom's Group

Well, today was interesting. Showed up at the mall. No one was there so I went to Starbucks where they informed me that the whole mall was out of water and they only had iced decaf so I got some of that and a nice juice for Abby and headed back to the play place. No one still. We played for 5 minutes until I noticed that there was something liquidy coming from Abby's pants. Not good. She NEVER poops or pees through a diaper so I knew that something was wrong. No bathrooms because the water was off in the mall so I changed her in a corner, wadded up her dirty pants and put them in a bag. We walked, her in only a diaper and me with my belly hanging out to the Children's Place where I bought a new pair of pants and then we headed back to the play place. No one still. I let her run around for a while and then decided no one was going to show and Abby was getting hungry. We headed back home where she has pooped 3 more times in the span of 30 minutes. I think there is something wrong. She must have a stomach bug.

Anyway, I'm not sure about this Mom's Group thing. There have been many weeks when I'm the only one and I'm wondering if it's worth it to keep trying to do it. If you REALLY have interest and want to do it, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to just head out to the mall whenever I feel like it and stop trying to meet people there. I don't know if it's just a bad time for people or what. I will be taking suggestions as I know our kids like to play together but they can't drive.

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