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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I need advice...

Has anyone gone into preterm labor? What were your symptoms and how did you feel? Let me know as I am sick today and wondering about this alot.

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  1. With Caleb I did. (35 weeks). I had lost my plug earlier in the day and then a couple hours later my water just randomly (no prior ctx or anything) broke. My back had really been hurting all week and I went to L&D on Tuesday. The FFN came back neg (they said I had at least 2 weeks left). They said go home. Friday he was born.

    With Owen, I had preterm labor symptoms at 34 weeks. I was admitted to L&D because my ctx were about 5 min apart. Luckily, I was only dehydrated and after 2 or 3 bags of fluid I was fine. I was in the hosp. for about 36 hours total. Didn't have any more prob until he was born at 39 weeks via scheduled c/s.

    If you are feeling like you might be having symptoms, I wouldn't hesitate to go get checked or at least call your doctor. It's different for everyone, and every pregnancy is different so just listen to your body. If it's saying something isn't quite right, it may not be.