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Friday, January 8, 2010

Frying In Front of the TV

Abby usually only watches TV when she is getting her hair done. Now, today, I was on day two of a raging headache. I also didn't sleep at all last night. 2 am seems to be the witching hour for me and I'm up and wishing I wasn't for HOURS. I finally dozed off again around 5:45 but was awakened by the stirring of the house around 8. I got up and laid on the couch where I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and let Abby fry there for about 2 hours in her PJs. We still haven't showered and I'm still nursing this terrible headache.

The problem with being sick when you have kids is whether it's you or them that is out, both of you are stuck in the house. You are stuck with them or they are stuck with you. It's not really a sick day when you still have to change diapers, feed and water the kid, and you don't actually get any rest because the second you start to doze off, even a little, there is a tiny voice next to you saying, "Mommy sleeping? Shhhh?"

"Yes, Mommy sleeping. Please watch TV. Allow your brain to sizzle for a while and let Mommy keep her eyes closed."

Then Mickey is working and you start to doze off a bit and then you realize, "If I sleep, this kid is going to destroy something or get into some kind of chemical that isn't locked up and then what will I do?"

So you lay there with one eye open hoping that it will be enough rest to carry you through until her bedtime and willing the clock to strike 12:30, nap time. But then she hasn't done anything productive to get out that energy so nap time is not going to happen. Man...

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