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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Let's talk about nesting during pregnancy. Nesting is NOT cleaning the house. Nesting is not doing a little more than usual. Nesting is when you find yourself dusting your ceiling fan at midnight because you have insomnia and can't live in this horrible house any longer. Nesting is when your husband walks in and you look like an inverted turtle on the ground with resolve in one hand and a toothbrush in the other and you say, "I can't get up because my back hurts but I did all the spots on the carpet and then all the baseboards and this house is DISGUSTING!" Nesting is when you can't sleep because you can smell every little thing in the house and you are sure that someone is gassing you out in the night. Nesting is when you organize your 1 year old's toys AS SHE IS PLAYING WITH THEM! Nesting is when at least once a week, you scare the crud out of your husband by cooking a four course meal. (Crap! Did I forget our anniversary? Is it her birthday? Is it my birthday?) "Hey, Honey. It's Tuesday... Yay?"

On another note, I have been having severe back pain. Andy bought me some icy hot stuff and it looks remarkably like deoderant. I barely stopped Abby from using it in exactly that way before I DID IT MYSELF! Yep, pregnancy stupids are kicking in as well. All brain cells are being leaked into the baby. (That kid better be REALLY smart.) My pits were on fire for about 20 minutes. Side note: Do not put on icy hot directly after a hot bath. It makes it UNBEARABLE! Between icy hot, taking it easy at work, laying down alot and not lifting anything really heavy accept Josh and Abby, I'm doing better. Andy is a saint and has been taking care of alot more stuff for me here at the end.

EIGHT WEEKS and it's over! Woo Hoo!!!!

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