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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Being Sick... NOT!!!

When you have a toddler, you are not allowed to be sick. Seriously! You can take a sick day from work. You can hope that she will be calm that day, but unless you have great friends, like mine, and a great husband, like I do, you aren't going to get any kind of a break. Even then, your friends have lives too. Most likely, your husband has to work and you will inevitably get stuck with the kid. You are not allowed to sleep while that toddler is awake. They will make huge messes that you can't clean up because you can't function. You will get no rest, you will have to change diapers, feed them and continue to be a jungle gym for the duration of your illness. If you are pregnant, it is way worse. Not only do you feel like crap but you feel like CRAP! You can't hold the baby at all, you can't get stuff done and generally, your house and life will go to pot. I look around and see that without my friends and my husband, things would be a lot worse but things are not good. The kitchen is a mess. The floor is disgusting and I just want to get in bed and not get out until the new baby is born and I am recovered enough to NEST the way I want.

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