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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Allure of Dairy

Veganism is an issue tonight. I'm trying desperately to give up cheese but in order to get rid of the cheese in the house without throwing it out, I made a several macaroni and cheeses and froze them for days when I didn't feel like cooking for the family. Tonight, I had a migraine and I told Andy to take out one of the casseroles and bake it up for the kiddos and himself. He fed the kids and headed out to study leaving me alone (after putting the girls to bed) with the delightful combination of cheese and pasta sitting all hot and steamy in front of me. It just tantalized me until I took a spoonful, just to get it off my chest. It snowballed from there. You know how it is. I had to cover it and put it in the fridge but before that, I almost ate the whole dang thing. I will wallow in guilt over that later while looking at my huge thighs in the full length mirror. For now, I'm sitting here, all warm and yummy feeling while watching reruns, listening to Abby sing in her bed, and sipping a soy decaf latte. That makes me feel a little better...

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  1. If you need encouragement or advice, let me know, we've been mostly vegan for a few years now. We are at home pretty much all the way except the less than 2% milk in the store bought bread we buy. The goal is to start making our own bread. It's eating out and going to other people's houses where it gets a little harder. Once you get used to it, I promise it gets easier and you don't really miss it. Cheese was the hardest one for me by the way.