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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exercising in Montana Cold

The other day I decided to head out into the cold with the BOB and just try and get some real outdoor exercise. The whole reason for buying BOB was for me to get out and walk so I didn't have to pay for a gym membership. But then there was snow and Montana got as cold as people said it would and I never believed them. So I finally got off my keister and got out there. A blast of wind took my breath away. I am sure this was only a slight breeze but with the chill factor I suddenly realized I was going to need more equipment including some kind of breathing apparatus to keep the artic air out of my burning lungs. Then my thighs went numb. Now because of my lack of exercise, my thighs are like kites, holding me back and feeling every bit of minuscule wind resistance. I thought, "Maybe I should have gotten a membership. It's going to be a small fortune to equip me to be out in this weather. I need those hockey leg guard things the goalie wears to keep my legs from freezing off." Once I finally started to pick up speed, my hands, although tucked inside my jacket, started to freeze as well. Then my torso started to warm up and after the first mile I was getting quite hot - on only one part of my body. I realized I was going to need to take off the down jacket.

Reaching home, I thought about what I need to get to make exercise in Montana comfortable. Pictue this. Me... speed walking in a scuba tank with hockey goalie leg guards, goth kid sleeves, skiing gloves, and a bikini top.

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