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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photographer in the Making


Abby loves Christmas just for the paper!



Learning to take pictures of herself (just a neck this time.)



Uncle Josh

Daddy teaching Abby to take pictures of herself.

Mommy and Cate

Sebbie and Abby figuring out the camera.

Cate... again.

Grandpa... almost.

Grammy doing her favorite thing. Sleeping.


My mother in law let us use her camera for a while. She wanted us to take pictures of the kids and upload them to Facebook so she could check them out every once in a while. I can't keep Abby away from it. She has dropped it twice and I'm just not in the market for a new camera right now so for Christmas, we bought her a VTech kids camera. It's awesome. Encased in rubber, battery life of like, a year, best purchase ever. She has been really enjoying it. Here are some of her pictures.

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