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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I got a great gift certificate from the school when we moved away. Sadly, it could only be used in Asheville as that store doesn't exist anywhere else and they haven't really advanced to letting you use their gift certificates online. It was for $100 so I didn't want to just set it aside and forget about it. Especially because it was to a kitchen store and I want this dutch oven that will just validate my obsession with butter and deep frying. (Donuts anyone?)

Anyway, I sent the gift certificate to one of my friends to spend at the store for me and send me the merchandise. I sent also $15 for her to pay for postage on a "large" flat rate box from USPS. Here follows a copy of our facebook conversation on the subject of getting me my new cooking utensil:

Callie Adams  - How did the sending of the pot go? Was it really expensive? Just let us know and THANK YOU for getting it for me!

    • Alisha
      It is on it's way!! It cost 29 bucks, tho. I was so mad about that supposedly "large" flat rate box! Large, my rear (no pun intended). I was about to go postal up in there! You actually caught me right in the middle of ranting about it as m...y latest update. Anyhow, it will come UPS (take that, USPS!!) No worries on the extra 15. Goodness, you left me with 25 bucks to blow! (THANKS a ton, btw!) I told her it had to be there by the 13th, and she said it would be no later than the 12th. I wanna know what you cook in it first!! Love ya!See More

    • Alisha
      HAHA! You know, "How'd the sending of the pot go?" could be misconstrued... Even funnier? The fact that I couldn't find a big enough box to send it! HAHAHAHHA!
    • Callie Adams 
      LOL! That totally made my day! The pot... LOL!!!!!!!!
    • Callie Adams 
      ‎...and "how expensive was it?" LOL!
      Good thing I'm not a teacher anymore...

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