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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Reason I Will Never Run a Daycare...

Today I volunteered for MOPS as a childcare giver while they were having a benefit yard sale. I was knee deep in toddlers. I left my own kids with my M-I-L and realized after I got there that I was in way over my head.

There were several little babies, toddler girls (who are easy) and then... there were boys!

I'm just going to say, I don't know much about boys or how they are managed. They are rowdy and dirty and loud and rough. AND I don't know much about how to deal with the potty and a boy toddler. Most of the kids were JUST potty trained so I went in to help a little guy on the potty. When he requested help pulling up his pants, I leaned over and checked to make sure we had the back covered as that seems to be the biggest problem in my JLo butt household. I didn't even think about what may be occuring in the front until he yelled, "My PENIS!" Oops. "I'll just let you fix that," I mumbled while holding his pants out far enough for him to poke the offending part back in. I am NEVER running a daycare. Grrr...


  1. HAHAHAHHAHHAAAAAAA! That was hilarious!!

  2. Oh my lands! that is hilarious Callie. you are too funny. yes, one of the different joys of boys.penises:)