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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Few Random Things

Tonight, I found that we were out of bubble bath for the kids, I used some dish washing liquid that I got as a free sample in the mail from Gain. My kids smell like fresh laundry.

My Uncle Bob died today. It is so sad to lose people in this world but I look forward to getting to know him better in Heaven.

I made Chinese food tonight and Abby hated it. To bad she's not old enough to just be polite and eat it anyway. I guess she won't be joining us at the China Palace any time soon.

Cate has learned how to crawl and is racing all over the house. She was into the toy boxes today and tested everything for taste and durability. I will be bleaching everything soon as it seems to find its way into her mouth.

I am going to reiterate a previous statement about men: If you want them to get something done, buy them a new tool to do it with. I bought a new rake today and I took it out of the car and handed it to Andy who immediately raked the whole front yard. He then took the new fire grate I bought out of the box and built a Friday night fire. They just like using the new stuff.

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