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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Funny Moments

I decided that I wanted to get organized right from the get-go in the new place (we'll see how long it lasts... DON'T LAUGH!) and I bought clothes pins to attach all the correct diaper covers to the correct dresses. I have yet to do more than one and that one got worn already and is in the wash therefore, not attached anymore. I was inspired by my friend Larissa who has all her kids clothes on perfect little hangers and their closets perfectly organized all the time. I'm amazed she has the stamina to do this. It's all about priorities... Mine is definitely cooking and hers seems to be laundry. Anyway, I have all these clothes pins and Abby is trying to pin them on the screen of the laptop while I'm checking my facebook and one shoots off and hits her right in the nipple.

I could hardly keep from laughing.

She says, "Ow, Mom. Ow." Just like that. No crying. No whining. Just, "Ow." And then she says, "I need that for feeding my baby doll." Then she goes and gets her doll and uses the bruised nipple to feed the baby saying all the while, "I da mom and you da girl and dis my baby doll. She's drinka da milk..."

I love it.

Cate has a cold and is a faucet of snot. Yuck. I've been "bulbing" it out like a good mom. I came into the room to find Abby trying to bulb Cate's nose herself. It was interesting. Cate was just letting her do it. Little things like that totally get me.

Like when I asked Abby to give me some space when I was feeding Cate and she said, "Fine. Don't be my friend," and crossed her arms and turned away from me in the most adorable pout. I could hardly contain my laughter enough to be stern and tell her that was not appropriate behavior.

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