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Monday, August 30, 2010

College Move-in Day

Had to go to Wal-mart today to get some stuff for the duplex. That's what I'm calling out house. The duplex. It's soooo not a permanent home but Andy has done his best to make it homey so it needed a name.

Wal-mart was a madhouse. I mean, ever minivan in the whole state of Montana was in the parking lot and every college freshman and their parents were in there getting stuff for their rooms. Move in day at the U of M is just CRAZY. I actually heard, one aisle over and through the dwindling supply of tiny trash cans, a mom yelling at her husband. "Harry, OH... MY... GOODNESS! She can NOT drink that water. Did you remember the Brita from home? I don't think you did! You better go find another Brita. She is not drinking that water..."

Let go, people. They are going to be fine.

I went to church and there was a very quiet girl there. She was black and that kinda stands out in Montana. There just aren't a bunch of black people here. She's from Kenya and she's here all by herself to go to the University and study MICROBIOLOGY. (brave...) Now that's letting go. I'm totally bringing her to my house for lunch and getting her away from the dorm and THAT WATER!

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