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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hand in the Cookie Jar

For the church campout, Casey and I made a huge batch of chocolate cookies. Try them, they will change your life. Anyway, we had them in the back of the car and the kids could see them. They both (Sebbie and Abby) wanted one. They were sternly told by a ridged Auntie Callie/Mommy that there would be no cookies until lunch time and even then they had to eat all their good food first. Disappointed, they turned around to play in the back seat. I reached into the back to get the cookies and take them to the potluck table. The smell of chocolate wafted over my already slightly hormonal nose and I couldn’t resist. I stole one out from underneath the plastic wrap and took a delicious bight. Just then, Abby popped her head over the back seat and said in that cute voice, “Whachu doing, Mommy?”


I shoved the whole cookie in my mouth mumbling as clearly as possible, “Nothing, Baby,” as I rushed off, cookies in hand toward the tables. You never get to savor ill gotten goods…

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