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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Things I Hate About...

I realize it has been some time since I blogged last. I am blogging now over a weak internet connection and I don't know if it will last long enough for me to get this out over the lines to those who care enough to read this blog.

My life has changed dramatically. Although I was pessimistic about ever getting back with my husband, we are here... in Montana. We have arrived. Andy found us a nice little two bedroom duplex. It's way small but we are contained. There is alot of our stuff in the garage and it might just stay there for the duration of our run here. We have a wood burning fire place, a tiny back yard and no money but we are going to make it. I'm excited about being back with Andy. It was NOT fun to be a single mom. All you who have ever done it alone (kinda... my mom was there for me through most of it), you are a bunch of saints and your kids should kiss the ground you walk on.

I have to admit that I hate living like this. I'm scared that we will never get out of debt after Andy is done with school and I'm also scared that something will go wrong and we will be stuck in this same lifestyle forever. BUT! Let's list the positives about this new place shall we?! Hating just makes us grouchy and nobody likes a Mr. Grouchy Pants...

1. There are no stairs. Sorry Pisgah... that situation kinda sucked with little ones. People having to troupe up and down the stairs into the mucky basement to do laundry, get to the guest room and answer the door. Not ideal. This is MUCH easier.

2. It's way smaller so there is less to clean.

3. There is a garage. I was afraid we would land in some apartment that didn't have any place for us to put the excess stuff that was bound to not fit in any room. By the way, after all those HUGE garage sales and us just giving stuff away at the corner, we still can't fit all our stuff in this place... grrrr...

4. Wood burning fire place saves on heating costs and Andy get's to look like a manly man when he wields an axe.

5. We already have friends in the Missoula area so... AWESOME! And thanks again to those who came and helped us get it together on the first day.

6. Linoleum instead of carpet under our table. Toddlers... 'nuff said.

7. Fenced in back yard. I can lock all the front doors and keep my kids contained. I was scared about moving here because we have always lived on Academy campus' and they are so safe and contained. Now we are in a neighborhood and it's a little scary.

8. We live literally one block from the emergency room. I can walk out our street and into the hospital. Awesome.

9. Starbucks is about 2 feet away. Actually it's a bit of a walk but I need that to walk off the Latte's I'm sure to consume on a daily basis.

10. I'm with my kids and my husband. Everyone is healthy and happy. We have awesome family and friends who are supporting our decision for Andy to go back to school and who love to help. What more could we ask for?

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