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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Gardeners - Neighborhood Exploration cont.

I feel a little like Sherlock Holmes as I scout out my new neighborhood, checking out all the yards and lawns and making my deductions. It's interesting to see someone's back yard. There is more about someone in the back. It's what no one else sees. Our backyard is up against two other backyards. I see the people come out every now and then to check their plants. There is Pat, a black guy in his 40's or so, who seems to do the majority of the gardening. He is married to Christine who is white and I rarely see at all. She must work or be away from the house for various reasons. I met them briefly and they encouraged me to eat whatever ended up growing on my side of the fence from their garden. There is also another guy, long white hair, bandanna with some kind of Asian symbol on it, same clothes every day, who comes out and tells Pat what to do sometimes. It kinda makes me laugh. He told me he's been in the air force most of his life. He does look like a Vietnam Vet that hated being there and turned hippie as soon as he got back. I call them the gardeners because they have alot of veggies growing back there along with stuff that is growing in a green house. I'm afraid to find out what that might be.

However, they have promised to give me some raspberry shoots come spring time because they know it grows well here and I need something for that side yard rock area.

I'm guessing the guy that lives in the other side of our duplex, who has the other yard visible from ours, is a single guy as he owns a very nice Mustang and a two seater truck. His back yard is mowed nicely but has no flowers or other plants. He has on the little slab of concrete in the back, only a small grill. Such a guy. Minimalist. Less to clean up that way and what do you really need when it's just you and you are working like a crazy person? I think he's single because no woman would let him live in this duplex and have that car. "You are selling that thing, mister. We need a bigger place..."

I think the guy across from us is single too. He left his garage door open and there was one bike, a hunting jacket and a tool box. He's got to be single or that chick would have the garage full of stuff.

You could deduce alot from our yard and garage also. The yard is already full of toys for babies. We have a stroller parked by the garage door all the time. There is tons of garbage filling our big can. There is also a ton of stuff in our garage, almost to the point that we can't get the car in.

The rest of the neighborhood seems to have some nice little families and a few dogs that are roaming free. That makes me a bit nervous but all in all, I think we are going to be fine here.

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