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Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Sick Puppy

Well, many of you know that my dad has been sick. Here's the scoop:

Several weeks ago on a Thursday, Dad started to feel cramps and he knew another attack of diverticulitis was coming on. He had an attack of this a while back and was in the hospital for a couple of days. This time he thought he could wait it out at home but finally went to his doctor and was admitted to the hospital. The doctors tried to control the symptoms with antibiotics and pain meds. After 10 days, he was sent home. He wasn't getting better there so my mom called the doctor and insisted that he be checked out again. The doctor in Alamosa contacted a specialist in Denver who wanted to admit him to a hospital up there. Two nights ago Mom drove him up to Denver and he was admitted. They did another CT scan on him and found some large abscess on his colon. They drained the fluid and found several perforations in his bowel tissue. He is now not allowed to eat or drink anything until they can do something about the perforations as that is was is causing the infections, fevers and high white cell count. Pretty much, he is one sick puppy and he needs prayer.

My mom is pretty stressed so DON'T CALL HER! She needs to have rest and not to have to repeat the story and updates to everyone. If she needs something, she has been at this for several weeks and is not above calling someone for help. Dad really doesn't want any visitors right now but he loves to get letters, facebook/email messages, and text messages. Please help him keep his spirits up by sending him cards (short messages that he can read between sleeping times).

I will be updating my blog as I get more information. For now, he is going to have to have a colon re-sectioning soon. This is a major surgery and may or may not include a colostomy. We don't know when he will have this surgery but the doctors want to get him well enough to handle major surgery first. This could be several weeks and from what I'm hearing, he's not getting out of the hospital until this happens so he could be in Denver for a while.


  1. Thank you for the update. Your dad is so special to both Gottfried and I, as is your whole family. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for Don. We pray that Sue will be able to rest and keep up her strength. I can only imagine how hard this is on her. Will keep looking for further updates. Love, Cheryl Fritz

  2. Callie,
    Thank for the update on your Dad. He and your family are in my prayers. Please pass along to your Mom I'm here for anything you all need.
    Lori Palomarez

  3. Thanks Callie,
    I am really bummed to hear the 'not so good' news about Don.
    I Skyped your Dad, Mom and brother in his hospital room last week and I was sure he was on his way to better days... we laughed so hard I about wet my pants and his nurse was running for a Depends.
    I will definitely be praying with you for his quick recovery. and for your Mom too. You have great em both! Joseph Zappia

  4. Yes, One sick puppy indeed. He's in our thoughts and prayers. Julie Chota

  5. Hey Callie...What a blessing that you and Andy and the girls are here to take care of things for your mom and dad. Please post an address so we can send cards, as I will not be in church for the next few weeks.