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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing Make Believe and Another Update on Dad

Today Abby and Seb were using a skate board as a car. Apparently they were driving to school. Seb decided they needed gas. Abby still refers to glass as gas. She hears Grammy talking about glass cleaner so much (my mom is like the greek dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding: "Just put some Windex on it...") that she assumed Seb was talking about glass cleaner. She says, "Yeah! Let's get some gas ceaner!" So off they go, coming back with watering cans full of water. Abby is cleaning the skate board with "gas ceaner" and Seb is filling up the tank with "gas" and off they go. They played at this all morning. So much fun to watch.

Dad is still up in Denver. He was not responding well to the antibiotics so they switched his meds. He is very sick (a side affect of the meds) and puking and stuff. His surgery is scheduled for today at 5:30. They are re sectioning his bowel in the hopes of removing all pockets that cause the abscesses and such. We'll see how he does. You can still send him stuff here. Casey and I are going up on the weekend to see him and will take him all the mail. He has received many cards and letters and it just makes his day to open them. Please continue to pray for a full recovery. We will continue to update this blog and my mom updates her's almost every day with the news of how he is doing. Please leave them messages on this blog, her blog, and her facebook. Please don't call as telling the story over and over is kinda wearing on her.

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