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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Case of the Invisible Remote Control - This Week in Alamosa

Casey and I decided we needed a break from the valley and we headed out to Colorado Springs to Santa's Workshop. It's a great kid friendly place with kiddy rides, candy and shopping. We loaded up the suburban with all the kids, Casey, Josh (who we were taking back to the airport in Colorado Springs), Andrea (who we were dropping at the mall to hang with friends) and me. Eight people and it wasn't bad. I loved that car until... dun dun dun... we got off the ramp in Pueblo and the car stalled out at the stop sign. We were trying to get it started up again and cars were piling up beind us. I was freaking out but more than that, Casey, who was driving was about to have a heart attack. I got out intending to help Josh push the car off to the side until we found out what was wrong when we heard, "Yall wanna push?" from the heavens. Jesus is from Texas?! Well, almost. It was a boy scout troup that was caravaning to a campout and the voice was coming from a loud speaker hooked up to the top of a red minivan. Me and ONE OTHER GUY pushed the car off to the side so everyone could get by and then the boyscouts towed us to the gas station where we discovered that our gas gage was broken and we were just out. We filled up and were on our way.

After dropping off Josh and Andrea, we got lost and rerouted several times but finally made it to Santa's Village with the kids.They had a blast.

On the way back, they were playing in the back seat and I hear Abby yelling, "Have the buttons! HAVE THE BUTTONS!" Translation, "Here's the remote control. Change the channel." Now we are in a 92 suburban that has no back seat TVs and no reason to have a remote control. I look back and realize that they are playing with an imaginary device. Sebbie calls out that he has changed the channel and it's CLIFFORD! Yay, Clifford! Suddenly, I feel a tap on my shoulder and Sebbie is exclaiming, "Look what Abby doing! Look what Abby doing! She take the buttons." It's imaginary... what is a mother to do? So I reach my hand back and demand the remote control. It is handed over by a dejected Abby. I feign breaking the remote into two peices and hand one to each kid. They are extatic. Problem solved. Thank you, Solomon.

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