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Monday, July 5, 2010

An Update on Dad

Dad is doing way better. Apparently draining the fluid from the abscesses made him feel a ton better. That kind of pressure is the kind that can't be taken care of with pain drugs. He's in the hospital in Denver still. They put a "thingy" in his arm for him to get nourishment so he doesn't have to eat or drink or anything like that. He doesn't have to be stuck as often either. When I talked to him this morning, he seemed to be in high spirits. They have a plan to get his bowel tissue healed up so they can do the final cut and get out the bad stuff. It's still going to be a major surgery and he can't be off the introveinous nourishment until he has had his bowel re-sectioning. He is singing the praises of Mom as she has been by his side the whole time. Of course, he's still on pain meds so... he might be singing the praises of the IV machine but we all know how the Kanen family is affected by narcotics. We still don't know how long it is going to take for this tissue to get better, the surgery to be done, and for things to get back to normal. It is possible that he will be able to go home with the "thingy" in his arm and have a home health nurse come and "feed" him but we don't know when or if that is going to happen.

Please feel free to leave notes to Dad and Mom on this blog. They access it from their laptop in the hospital. You can also FB them or email them if you have those addresses.

If you want to send him a card or letter or something cool like that, please send it to their house in Alamosa for now as we don't know when he is getting out of the Denver hospital. Mom is staying at Beardsley's condo in Aurora so here is that address as well if you want to try and get him something right away.

Don and Sue Kanen
c/o David Beardsley
3872 South Dallas St. Unit 103

Aurora, CO 80014

The Alamosa house address is:
106 Willowcreek Pl.
Alamosa, CO 81101

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  1. I am so happy to hear this bit of God news. God has promised and He is faithful. Let's keep Don before the LORD. God is the great physician who has never lost a case. May God bless all of you.