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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back From Montana and An Update on Dad.. again

I stopped in Denver on the way back from Montana to meet up with Mom and Dad and Casey and her boys. Dad was going back to Swedish Medical to get his drains removed. They didn't like the look of one but they had a temporary Dr. as Dad's regular specialist was called into emergency surgery. The temp just went ahead and removed the drains. When we got back to Alamosa, we could tell he wasn't feeling well. Saturday afternoon he started running a fever again and that night Mom took him to the ER. They did a 5th CT scan and at first thought it was a false alarm but after running it by a radiologist, it revealed another abscess. This morning Mom took him back to Denver to be checked out by the specialist and possibly be readmitted, re drained and all that.
It's hard to see my dad be sick and sick and sick. I know what it's like to be down and for someone who doesn't like to be sick at all, it's really hard. Dad has never been one to twiddle his thumbs and wait for recovery. He's either sick (and I mean, DOWN FOR THE COUNT) or he's going full speed. This illness has caused him to be in the in between for days at a time. He'll be feeling better and try and get back on the fast track and something else will happen and he'll be down again. It's spirit crushing.

On a different note, Casey and I stopped at a museum while Dad was getting his drains prematurely removed. We had a blast.

I went on a long bike ride with the kids in the chariot behind me. Cate screamed, Abby giggled and Mommy's legs are killing her today. I took my new double stroller for a walk with the babies in it. Seemed to go better than the bike ride. Maybe because it was only for 30 minutes instead of 1.75 hours.

Well, more later. Right now Abby is demanding that I sing a "pupcake" song while she strums the guitar.


  1. So good to hear that you are taking time to do fun stuff! What's going on with your dad? I looked back pretty far and couldn't seem to find where you mentioned exactly what was happening to him.