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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July in MONTANA!

That's right people, it's the 4th of July already. Can you believe it?! We are here with Andy's brother Kevin and his wife Karen for a few days. Andy is staying with them here in BEAUTIFUL Montana while he gets it together for us to come and join him. Their friends Nancy and Steve invited us to their house for a 4th celebration. These people really know how to do a party. Here is Nancy cooking for the 50 or so people who showed up.
This is Steve who was the master of ceremonies. He had tons of games for us to play as we waited for the long northern twilight to fade for the fireworks. They finally got so antsy about getting to the pyro section of the program, they lit off a few and set the field on fire a couple of times. Good thing there were alot of guys there who were all itching to stomp on the flames...

There are two reasons why this picture is in here. One, I wanted everyone to see the crazy dark and ominous clouds that are July weather in Montana. Awesome right? We were freezing but we still had a good time which brings me to the kid in this picture. Notice that he's wearing a wetsuit. He wore it the whole night. His teeth were chattering and he was way to skinny to have any body fat to protect him from the weather but he soldiered on in that suit. What a hoot!

Here are the girls just because they are so darn cute...

Greatest part of the night was meeting this lady. Laura (yes, another Laura) who is a total hoot. We had a blast just chatting and laughing and basically, we just had a great time.

Here's a fun trick Laura and Nancy's daughters were doing. Ahhh... swing acrobatics. How fun were those?!

There were games for the adults as well - namely a game of tug of war that ripped the skin right off our hands. I left the games for a hot second to check on Cate who was sleeping in the house and as I walked in, I heard screaming. I mean, this was major SCREAMING... like, bloody murder. I raced toward the noise and found, in the bathroom, one of Nancy's 4 year old twins on the potty crying and screaming, "I'M DONE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" I stood there trying to decide what to do.

"Jonas, what do you need buddy?"

"I was ju-u-u-st g-g-going pee but then I went p-p-pooop. Now I need someone to w-w-w-wipe me."

I can handle that. I wiped the poor kid and he said, "I though I heard someone making noise but they were baby noises. Then I heard someone else and I thought it was a grown up. I'm so glad you came."

So, my good deed for the day: I rescued a well trained kid from the toilet.

Here are some other cute pictures from the day.

This is one of the twins. She's a CUTIE! They both are.

Laura and her daughter had patriotic tonails for the 4th.

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