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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buscuit Emergency

Abby looked up at me last night and said, "Make monkey bread, Mommy?" I wanted to but it was bedtime so we got ready for bed. I put her down and she wanted her blanket which I had left over at my sister's house. I jumped in the car leaving Cate (who we have discovered SCREAMS at the top of her lungs for any sitter) with my mom. I was in a hurry but after picking up the blanket, I thought, "I need those premade buscuits for that monkey bread." I stopped at Safeway and realizing that my mom was probably unsuccessfully walking a screaming Cate, I RAN from my car toward the doors of the grocery store. There were two people standing there that informed me that it was to late to get through those doors and to use the other ones. They had concerned looks on their faces and I knew they thought I was going in for something really important. I ran through the aisles looking for the buscuits, ran to the checkout, danced until he rang me up and I paid and then, I ran back toward my car passing the same people again. They looked confused as I only had buscuits in my hands. Then they saw my plates and you know they were thinking, "Ahhh... she's from the South..."

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