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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Train Spotting

As I have mentioned, my nephew is in love with trains. He is totally OBSESSED with trains. He can watch crossing gates for hours. I know he will have a career in the railroad industry if it's still around when he's old enough.

He has a huge Thomas the Train Engine train set with tracks and engines and cars and all the fun stuff you can imagine. He sets it up and plays for hours but it's hard with Abby and Davy there to wreck it all. He's gets mad, crosses his arms and comes into the kitchen. "Auntie Callie, Abby just crash and bump and it went smash like that." Very expressive. Arms waving. Very upset. I go out and tell Abby to stop stepping on the tracks and move Davy out of the way and try and set him up with his own stuff to play with. It's hard for them because Sebbie's stuff is WAY cooler than anything else in the house. So cool that Andy sat down the other day and put together a huge circle of track with fun twists and turns. When the kids got up from naps and started to play with him, he was trying to supervise and hold it together but they kept stepping on the track and holding the trains and suddenly I hear him say, "Sebbie, Abby, you are messing everything up!" He walks out grumbling something about "Why do I even bother...?" It was hilarious. He's a great playmate but Andy's an organized player and these guys are just not ready for that. I really just want to wait until they are in bed and Andy and I make our own track and play trains. Really... It is just way to cool.

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