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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missed You!

We (the girls and I) went on a mini vacation to WA last week, therefore the lack of posting. We are back and have been for a day or so but you all know what it's like to get back and have to deal with unpacking and such. Anyway, I saw my cousin and her family and some more family and then... we hit Sabbath School and it's like Facebook in there. When you have parents who worked at academy's and then you worked at academy's and went to academy's and basically spent your whole life in this little Adventist bubble, you are bound to see someone you know anywhere you go. So I'm in Sabbath School and a face from the past walks in. We did the eye dance for a while as we hadn't seen each other in 15 years (and that's half my life span right now). She whispered to her friend and then I was whispering to my cousin and then we locked eyes and did that silent, "Are you ______?" "Yeah." "HEY!"

So I did what I thought was customary and waited until Sabbath School was over and the din of toddlers was getting to a maximum just before everyone headed up to church to go over and WAIT AND WAIT for her to talk to me or for there to be a break in conversation for me to talk to her. She didn't and there wasn't.

After standing there for a while, I finally was like, "Hey."

She was like, "Hey."

And that was IT! 15 years and we didn't have anything to say to one another. Now, I can usually make conversation like crazy no matter who it is but this girl (now a lady) was really hard to talk to. I'm not sure why but it was the most awkward moment I have had in a long time.

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